Inspiration Journal: Barn Owl

Inspiration Journal: Barn Owl

I love painting barn owls and I have painted them many times over the years. You will see them featured in many of my Jennifer Rose Gallery collections, and they are always popular when they are featured on my cushions or other home accessories.

Who wouldn’t fall in love if they ever were lucky enough to see a barn owl in real life. They soar and glide so silently through the air. I find the barn owl the most striking of all the owls, its big beautiful large eyes and its heart shaped face are such a joy to capture in watercolour.

Barns owls have a pure white underbelly and buff coloured wings, so although there isn’t much in the way of colour, they really do have supersoft fluffy feathers, and I love the challenge of showing these textures when I paint them.

My latest watercolour barn owl was a quick half hour study. The barn owl was sitting with his back to the camera and so I was also able to paint his very feathery delicate patterns by dropping in my gorgeous blue and grey pigments. It really created a lot of depth and really brought the painting to life.

What do you think?

Would you like to know how I captured this beautiful barn owl in watercolour? You can follow the steps I took in my free step-by-step guide.

Which is your favourite bird to paint? I must confess, I would find it very hard to pick a favourite!

Do let me know what it is, I may not have painted it before and it might just inspire my next watercolour!


Jennifer Rose xx

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