Inspirational journal: Capturing the rich colours of autumn

Inspirational journal: Capturing the rich colours of autumn

I couldn’t wait to get back to nature with my sketchbook and paints, to enjoy the last days of the enduring Autumnal sunshine.

As we continue into the ‘Ber’ months, with the ground looking like a multi-hued carpet, I notice the rich and vibrant colours all around me. The yellows, red, and orangey glow are simply stunning.
I sat somewhere peacefully, observing the sunlight as it filters through the passage ways of the woody forest and shows off an array of full rich autumnal colours.

Natures masterpiece at its very best!

As I’m looking at my surroundings, and observing what I am seeing, I think about which colours I could use from my new travel carry case, to capture the twiggy atmosphere and mesmerising colours to savour the splendour of the autumn foliage on my paper.

You can see the steps I took in this brief sketchbook guide I’m sharing with you.

This is a really quick and relaxing process while out and about. It’s just been irresistible getting lost in the glow, the branches and colours all in one.

My new travel carry case and small sketchbook is perfect for these autumnal walks, allowing me to be present in the moment. It’s great for me to put a small selection of paints that I can carry from my studio. It’s so handy!

I read a lovely quote recently which I thought summed up the autumn perfectly:

“When the leaves fall, it is like they’re falling in love with the ground.” – Andrea Gibson. I thought this is a beautiful way to think of this magnificent change in natures display.

If you take your paints out on a walk, I’d love to see what hues you notice when painting. You can let me know in the comments below – I always love hearing from you.

You can also see more of my autumn journey on my social media pages too.

Love Jennifer xx

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