Inspirational journal: A kiss under the mistletoe

Inspirational journal: A kiss under the mistletoe

A Kiss Under the Mistletoe

I’ve been finding lots of inspiration by painting mistletoe this season.

As a sign of love and peace, it’s a lovely way to start the celebrations by sprinkling a little bit of happiness (and romance) this festive season.

Throughout December, I have been creating different painterly effects in my sketchbook of mistletoe, and using a handy kitchen item to create additional texture within the various compositions. It’s the perfect subject to paint this Christmas.

Combining a green and blue colour palette, and leaving areas of crisp white captures the wintry essence on my paper. The smooth edged, evergreen leaves, and silky white berries, full of shape and textures look so elegant in their form. In my sketchbook experiments no two paintings are the same, it’s a process of creating exciting colour blends and washes in beautiful forms.

You can see the steps I took in my brief creative guide I’m sharing with you.

Christmas isn’t always fun and festive, and by taking my latest step-by-step guide, it can really help lighten the mood. Painting is a great way of expressing feelings on paper.

Sending you a kiss under the mistletoe of love and THANKS. Why not tie some above your front door to receive a festive kiss? It’s a lovely (and fun) way to bring loved ones together this Christmastime.

If you do paint your own mistletoe this Christmas, I’d love to see. You can let me know in the comments below – I love hearing from you.


Love Jennifer Rose xx


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