Inspirational Journal: Painting watery texture

Inspirational Journal: Painting watery texture

I hope you’re enjoying the summer! I have been keeping cool in my studio by creating and experimenting with watery blue hues and textural effects which has been really refreshing.

I have been using plastic wrap to create some gorgeous visual effects as shown in these examples below.

Layering up watery blue hues and watching the paint disperse on the paper with directional painted movements is just the beginning of this really exciting process.

By placing sections of plastic wrap onto my watery paint and then scrunching and manipulating them into various shapes creates lots of watery pockets within. Leaving these areas to then dry completely (it’s difficult not to take a peak) allows the paint to settle and form various textures and patterns which look like glistening water. What do you think?

By including a vibrant koi carp fish to enhance and create a beautiful composition, brings the watery background to life some more.

Would you like to create texture and movement whilst painting water?

Come and join me at Nature Studio, where you can see the steps I followed to paint this beautiful Koi Carp in glistening textured water in my loose watercolour style.

Why not try and include some of these watery textural effects to your other paintings too?

Did you know that Koi Carp recognise faces? Let me know in the comments below.

Jennifer Rose xx

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