[VIDEO] Paint Lily the Cockapoo with me

[VIDEO] Paint Lily the Cockapoo with me

Pets are so lovely to paint in loose watercolour, as you can really enhance character and feeling with the painterly effects.

Watery layered hues lend themselves perfectly to form and enhance important features like the eyes which show feeling AND delicate textures.

I have applied these techniques on many of my loose watercolour pet paintings, which are seen on BEAUTIFUL giftware products in the marketplace.

In this gift inspired, gorgeous loose watercolour tutorial I have a really exciting special guest joining me in the studio to demonstrate these techniques.. I’d like you to meet Lily.

Lily is a cockapoo and she’s just SO cute!

Come and join me in my studio from the comfort of your own home to paint Lily.

Why not have a go at applying the same techniques to painting your own pet portrait?

They make the perfect keepsake gift for family and friends and loved ones too.

See you in the studio!

Love Jennifer Rose xx


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