[VIDEO] How to paint a loose watercolour Barn Owl

[VIDEO] How to paint a loose watercolour Barn Owl

I LOVE painting barn owls, their beautiful big eyes and their distinctive yellow feathers are such a joy to capture in loose watercolour.

The barn owl with their heart-shaped face and elegant wings have also been featured on my Jennifer Rose Gallery gift collections too. They are always so popular when
they are featured on my cushions or other home accessories too.

I hope you’ll join me in this gift inspired, beautiful loose watercolour tutorial, I’ve created for you.

It’s the perfect way to help loosen up with your watercolours and achieve a pleasing result in a short space of time.

I will show you how to paint this beautiful barn owl with a contrasting background using both wet-on dry and wet-in-wet techniques.

I will demonstrate a combination of brush techniques in our watercolour to capture the shapes and patterns to the decorative markings to the feathers, and we’ll also be including more accurate details to the eyes which will really bring our watercolour to life.

Why not join me in my studio from the comfort of your own home to paint your own much loved countryside bird.

See you in the studio!

Love Jennifer Rose xx

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