Inspiration Journal: Bluebells

Inspiration Journal: Bluebells

Every year when the bluebells make their appearance in local woodland they never cease to amaze me. The glowing haze of purple and blue hues are such a glorious sight to see en-masse. There is certainly something quite tranquil about seeing them presented like this.

That brings me to my next question.. Are they blue or actually purple? I’ve been experimenting with my blue and purple paints to find the exact hue I’m looking for. I found that my cobalt blue mixed with quinacridone violet captures the shade just right to these iridescent bell shaped flowers – What do you think?

Would you like to experiment with colour and paint some bluebells with me? I worked from real life, however, Bluebells are protected in the UK, so I would advise you to take photos of them instead to use as your reference. You can see the steps I followed to paint my bluebells in watercolour in my free step-by-step guide.

Are bluebells actually blue or purple?

Let me know in the comments below..

Jennifer Rose xx

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