Inspirational journal: Capturing sunsets

Inspirational journal: Capturing sunsets

Have you ever noticed the sky at this time of the year? The sunset to me is a sign of beautiful endings and new beginnings. I often think that sunsets remind us to slow down and be present.

I just LOVE the autumnal change too, which is beginning to happen. The transition from warm to cold weather, and the crisp rustling of leaves beneath my feet, autumn is a beautiful season and one I take a lot of inspiration from.

As the nights begin to draw in, you can’t help but notice the dramatic sky changes which appear within the ‘Ber’ months. It’s a sign of golden tones which will be appearing before us, in the season ahead.

I have been getting my inspiration while watching the sun set. When you look closely, you can see many different colours, but it is very much dependent on the weather during the day. This means the tones can vary and alter your painting significantly and the colour variations can be so dramatic.

In my latest study, I will show you the colours I have noticed from the evening sun. It really is magnificent. I will also show you how to create the slanting rays of the setting sun and how to create a warm pinky tinge to the sky. I also touch on how to add depth to your loose watercolour painting with simple tree shaped silhouettes.

When you’re out, during a sunset, I’d love to hear which colours you notice as no two sunsets are the same.

Why not use my simple painting as your guide to help you get inspired.

If you do paint your own sunset. You can let me know in the comments below – I love hearing from you.

Love Jennifer Rose xx


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