Inspirational Journal: Painting Autumn Leaves

Inspirational Journal: Painting Autumn Leaves

Autumn is here!

Without a doubt, this is my absolute favourite time of year. The colourful display which this season brings is truly breathtaking AND inspiring! I love to walk in the falling crisp leaves, and take in the spectacular colours which Autumn brings.

I couldn’t resist collecting some of the fallen leaves from my garden, and taking them to my studio where I could lay them all out in front of me and really observe their colours and match them with my paints. I found my Alizarin Crimson red colour matched perfectly! It’s not a colour I regularly use, so it was nice to explore the shades I could create at different consistencies. Hansa Yellow and bunt sienna also jumped out at me – I love all of these colours together!

For this fun short study, I thought it would be nice to include the shadows underneath the leaves too, to make them look extra 3D and realistic. I’ve also included some acorns and other smaller leaves to compliment. I loved every moment capturing the shape and colour to these vibrant patterned leaves.

You can see the steps I followed to create this simple maple leaf and a few others in this free step-by-step guide.

What’s your favourite thing about Autumn? I’d love to know! You can let me know in the comments below – I love reading them!

Jennifer Rose xx

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