Inspirational Journal: Painting loose watercolour bumblebees

Inspirational Journal: Painting loose watercolour bumblebees

I LOVE painting Bees, they are my absolute favourite thing to paint!

This summer, I’ve seen so many bumble bees buzzing around in my garden, they’ve been enjoying the various flowers, especially the pretty lavender. They look beautiful against the purple colours which compliment their bright yellow tones. Capturing their fuzzy bodies with my watery paints, and seeing how the paint settles to form LOTS of
texture creates a beautiful bumblebee on my paper.

Inspired by the pretty purple lavender, I thought this would be a lovely colour enhancement to include within my bee painting.

What do you think? Why not include other colours such as blue or pink? To me, it’s almost as if the colours from the flowers are reflecting onto the bee.

Many of my loose watercolour bees are featured in my popular wall art and giftware collections. Here is one of my favourites featured below:

‘Bees and Wildflowers’ – By Jennifer Rose

I find including bees within my paintings are a fun way to inject energy and life into a composition.

Would you like to paint a loose watercolour bee with me? If so, come and join me at Nature Studio and watch the full step by step video for FREE. By signing up to the free taster selection, you’ll be able to download a line drawing, reference photo, and paint list to guide you.

Why not try and include some loose watercolour flowers around your bee painting too. Other garden visitors you may like to paint is this sweet bluetit bird, and a pretty butterfly.

Did you know that bees scent mark flowers they have already visited? Let me know in the comments below.

Love Jennifer Rose xx

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