NEW! Jennifer Rose Paintbrush Collection!

NEW! Jennifer Rose Paintbrush Collection!

As you know, I LOVE to paint loose watercolours and my artwork is enjoyed by so many of you on a variety of products for gift and home.

I’m now SO EXCITED to tell you that I have my very own branded paintbrush collection with Rosemary & Co!

Gorgeously soft, and holding plenty of colour and water, my environmentally friendly brushes can help you to create and develop your loose watercolour style paintings too.

Available to buy in 8 individual sizes, or as a complete set, come and take a look at my NEW Jennifer Rose mop brush collection here.

Each of my brushes comes presented in beautiful packaging featuring the very first loose watercolour I ever created – This stag below:

As you can imagine, this is very special to me.

I hope you feel inspired to pick up your NEW Jennifer Rose brushes and paint with me.

With love, Jennifer Rose xx

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