Paint loose watercolor daisies with me

Paint loose watercolor daisies with me

It was the perfect sunny day to take myself outside and explore the daisy fields near by to where I live. The sky was bright blue above me, and the white daisies with their bright yellow centres were a clean and fresh inspiration to see. I’ve never seen so many daisies en masse!

Above is a photo of me sat within them, such a calming place to be with the summer sunshine showing off the vibrant green stems beneath – so many colors to observe!

I had to bring my watercolour paper, a small selection of paints in my travel case, and of course some water – not just for my painting explorations but for me to drink myself – it was so hot!

Finding a nice place to settle, I began to observe and explore the shapes and the colors of the daisies I was seeing in front of me. I did this by applying a blue sky colour (cobalt blue) to outline the shapes of the petals. This technique is called ‘positive and negative’ which enables you to see blocks of colour and shapes more easily to outline your subject.

The positive space refers to the main focus of the picture (the daisies), while the negative space refers to the background (painted blue in my example).

By adding the yellow centres to the daisies and some light shading you can immediately see their form take shape on the paper.

You can take a look at my more extensive guide on the colours I used, and how I went about painting loose watercolor daisies in this step- by- step guide. I think you’ll love this class and how quickly you can achieve lovely results!

Have you seen and daisies or other wildflowers growing near by? I’d love to hear your stories and observations in the comments below – I always enjoy reading them.

Love Jennifer Rose xx

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