[VIDEO] How to paint a loose watercolour Barn Owl

[VIDEO] How to paint a loose watercolour Barn Owl

I love painting barn owls; their beautiful big eyes and heart shaped face are such a joy to capture in loose watercolour. Not to mention their distinctive yellow feathers with subtle patterns and elegant wings.

The barn owl with their heart-shaped face and elegant wings have also been featured on my Jennifer Rose Gallery gift collections too. They are always popular when they are featured on my cushions, gift accessories and greetings cards.

This is a perfect tutorial to help you loosen up with your watercolours and to help you achieve a pleasing result in a short time.

So, come and join me in my studio at Jennifer Rose Gallery from the comfort of your own home where I will guide you through every step to paint a loose watercolour barn owl like me.

What you’ll need:

Always remember, If you don’t have the equipment and paints I have, you can really creative an use what you do have.

               Download the PDF photo of the barn owl to refer to.

    • HB Pencil (To outline your picture of the barn owl).
    • Paper: 300gsm Arches (140lb) cold pressed watercolour paper
    • My sheet size is: 38x76cm (22x30inch) Fairly Large)
    • Brushes: Jennifer Rose sizes 10/0, 3/0 Mop brush. Link here: https://www.rosemaryandco.com/jennifer-rose-mop.
    • Kitchen towel (to dab off any excess water) and to create shapes
    • Water in a pot
    • A scrap of paper to practice your colours with by your side.

    Windsor & Newton Paints:

    • Yellow Ochre
    • Permanent Rose
    • Burnt Sienna
    • Burnt Umber
    • Lamp Black
    • Cobalt Blue

With the barn owl being such a distinctive much-loved countryside bird; why not have a go at painting your own. I’d LOVE to see! You can tag me on Instagram and Facebook, or email me personally at jenniferrose.gallery to see how you got on.

Jennifer Rose xx

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