[VIDEO] How to paint a loose watercolour poppy

Inspiration journal: [VIDEO] How to paint a loose watercolour poppy

These bold and beautiful flowers are so eye catching to see! I just love their big blousy petals and overlapping crinkly textures – not to mention that gorgeous vibrant red hue!

In this free mini class in my good friend Anna Mason’s online school, I guide you through the steps I followed to create the overlapping petals and fresh vibrant hues to this loose poppy.

I don’t create an outline drawing for this painting, but instead I go straight in with my watery paint to achieve a loose result.

There’s another exciting part to this tutorial too.. To create the stem I use a colour run technique – I can’t wait to hear what you think!

Please do leave me a comment below if you’ve enjoyed the class; I love hearing from you.

Love Jennifer Rose xx

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