[VIDEO] Paint a butterfly in loose watercolour

Inspiration Journal: [VIDEO] Paint a butterfly in loose watercolour

I LOVE painting nature.

I’ve got a fresh and fun free mini class to share with you in my good friend Anna Mason’s online school. This time, I guide you through the steps I followed to create the pretty patterns to this tortoiseshell butterfly.

Capturing these exquisite markings in loose watercolour is a great way to achieve a pleasing result in a short time. I love to see the various shades of red and orange hues created as we combine our fresh yellow paint using wet-in-wet techniques. As you can see from my practice picture above, the colour blends are so eye catching. I will also show you little tips on how to keep your hues remaining fresh and vibrant in the layering process.

I can’t wait for you to join me in this exciting class!

Love Jennifer Rose xx



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