Capturing the rich colours of autumn in loose watercolour

Capturing the rich colours of autumn in loose watercolour

In this short sketchbook study, I sat somewhere peaceful to work from real life using my sketchbook and paints from my handy travel case to really absorb the atmosphere and relax my mind while capturing the rich colours of the autumnal landscape.

I will show you how to create texture and the woody rich autumnal colours, all while being in the moment.

What you’ll need:

Always remember, If you don’t have the equipment and paints I have, you can really creative an use what you do have.

  • An inspiring view
  • Paint travel case to take on your journey
  • Mop paint brush – Jennifer Rose Size 3/0
  • Daisy palette (for mixing watery paints)
  • Water bowl
  • Small bottle of water to mix your paints with on the go.
  • Watercolour sketchbook (I recommend Arches cold pressed paper) – Paints (see colour list below). I use Winsor and Newton paints.

Paint colours I used:

  • Alizarin Crimson – a gorgeous rich red colour!
  • Burnt Umber – nice and woody!
  • Burny sienna – to capture that orangey glow
  • Olive green
  • Yellow Ochre
  • Winsor Lemon

1. I began with a watery wash of burnt umber to capture the twiggy form to the landscape, from all around. Branches in all directions at different thicknesses and lengths, I used the side of my brush and the tip to create them.

As my branches begin to take shape, I continued by dropping the Alizarin Crimson into the watery twiggy branches I had placed. By extending your brush strokes upwards and outwardly it allows the paint to flow into the sections.

Adding some textural greens to show where the leaves would be, I continue to add some lighter wash branches to add more depth and outline.

Continue to build up the layers to your painting by adding further branches and colourful leaves to your composition. By using the tip of your brush and the side, to create the small and larger sections. Taking time to observe your surroundings to really capture what you’re seeing  – you notice more and more.

I’m in love with the vibrant yellows the trees are allowing. My bright winsor lemon colour is the perfect enhancement for this, and when it mixes with the alizarin crimson in the watery washes, the natural orange hues of autumn are created.

Adding in additional orangey-brown and yellow ochre leaves to enhance your painting, is really effective when you continue this layering process. I noticed some really beautiful rich red leaves too whilst observing, and by adding this vibrancy to your painting really encourages the Autumnal Glow.

Once you’re happy with your placement of branches, twigs and colourful leaves, you can deepen your painting by dropping some pure burnt umber colour into the main twiggy branch. All at once, I have the colours of autumn on my paper.

 What do you think? Here’s my finished sketchbook study.

Autumn is a wind-down season that makes us seek comfort.

I hope this brief and beautiful guide inspires you to take your paints out and about on your adventures. If you’d like to read more about what has inspired me this autumn, you can read my latest inspirational journal I’m sharing with you here.

If you do paint your own Autumnal Glow, I’d love to see your results, so tag me on Instagram and use the hashtag #jenniferrosegallery so I can see how you got on. You can also find me on Facebook.

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Love Jennifer Rose xx

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