Inspiration Journal: Nature Journaling

Inspiration Journal: Nature Journaling

Everyone’s talking about it!

I thought for this month’s inspiration journal post, it would be a lovely idea to have a go at some nature journaling. It’s something I’ve been doing already within my own watercolour work, but I wanted to highlight the benefits further to this practice since nature journaling expert, John Muir Laws, has been introduced into my good friend Anna Mason’s online school.

What is it? On listening to John’s theory it’s about getting yourself outside and observing the natural world around us. Connecting with your surroundings to create a piece of visual art using not just pictures but words and numbers too.

Take a look at How I got inspired by John and Anna, in this guide to how I went about highlighting nature jounaling in my latest blog post.

Not only can I see the benefits it has to observing nature closely, but how this is also so beneficial to mental health and how it can also help you to overcome anxiety by bringing yourself into the present moment. What do you think? (You can comment below)

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